Who We Are


Who We Are

A Ghanaian company established in 1996 and based in Accra, serving the entire sub-Saharan Africa Region.

K-NET is a 100% Ghanaian business within the proper and complete context of indigene business enterprise development for Ghana. K-NET specializes in Connectivity Solutions on a Unified IP Communications Platform and delivering cutting edge services to today’s and tomorrow’s businesses dependent on Communications Infrastructure. These services include amongst others Data & Managed Networks, Internet Connectivity, K-NET Hosted Private Networks, IP Telephony, Hosting and Co-location, I.T. outsourcing, Turnkey Solutions and a host of others.

Incorporated in 1999, K-NET is the only company in Ghana that has built its own one stop network infrastructure integrating three different platforms into a single centrally controlled network offering state of the art network management service.

K-NET and its affiliates are properly licensed by the National Communications Authority and in good standing with all relevant statutory authorities.

The philosophy has been and still is, to allow businesses to focus on their core operation and leave communication infrastructure to the company that specializes in that, given the amount of resources needed and the dynamism required.

K-NET has several products and services; several gateways; several platforms; many strategic partners; the best I.T. professionals and business managers in the industry with the appropriate multi-cultural balance. The company has its own 11.3m VSAT teleport and hub (amongst others) located in Accra, Ghana, where its VSAT traffic terminates; it has 8 out of the 27 banks in the country on its network for managed network and other connectivity services; it has in total over 400 corporate customer sites.

K-NET has industry leaders in banking, insurance, mining, petroleum, manufacturing, logistics, governance, national institutions, universities as its clients.

K-NET’s core industry clients have been the Financial Service Industry with Banking at its center.


    • 24×7 Teleport, Data Centre and Network Operations Centre located at McCarthy Hill, Accra
    • High-availability Data Centre with redundant diesel generators and redundant UPSs
    • Multiple satellite uplinks, including an 11.3 metre dish which is the largest in West Africa
    • 440 VSAT sites served on 2 platforms
    • iDirect (B2B focus)
    • Newtec (B2C focus)
    • Hosts many microwave links, connecting to towers across Accra and all major urban areas in Ghana
      • Co-located at 19 towers in total
      • 9 in Accra
      • 10 in other major cities
    • 260 customer sites served by terrestrial microwave links
    • Very high capacity and redundant fibre links to connect it to major international points of presence
      • WACS Cable (1Gbps) and MainOne Cable (1Gbps) redundant fibre.

Satellite Coverage

  • The primary satellite used by K-NET is SES Astra 2F
    • A brand-new satellite with 15-year life, launched Sep 28th, 2012
    • The satellite footprint fully covers 16 countries
    • 84 MHz of capacity
    • Also have C-band capability for pan-African coverage

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