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About Us

KNET is a technology company with tremendous experience and knowledge in ICT solutions, and specializes in the delivery of innovative communication products and business solutions for use by commercial entities, government agencies, military and the general consumer public.

General Information

K-NET Limited, a Telecommunications Company, is a Private Limited Liability Company registered under the Companies Code 1963, Act 179 of Ghana. The Company has been in operation since 1996.

The K-NET Headquarters is located at Roman Ridge in Accra, with a 24x7 Network Operations Centre at McCarthy Hill, Accra. There are branch offices in most of the regional capitals and Points-of-Presence (PoP) in all major cities and towns within the country.

K-NET has been duly licensed by the National Communications Authority for the provision of telecommunications services, including but not limited to, Internet Services Provision, Terrestrial and Satellite Transmission services nationwide.

The company has 100% Ghanaian shareholding.


The vision of this company is to be the leading customer-driven Telecommunication services provider for public and private sectors in West Africa, having a major impact on ICT development within the entire sub region.

Key Distinguishing Features

Over the years, K-NET has provided Managed Networking and Communications services (Data, Voice and Video) to large, medium and small businesses throughout Ghana with an average annual growth rate of nearly 200% year to year. No other primarily Data Communications services provider in Ghana has rivalled this achievement. K-NET’s key clients are corporate organizations, whose main lines of businesses include banking, mining, TV and Radio broadcasting, manufacturing, educational, governance, and merchandizing.

K-NET has enormous industry knowledge. K-NET has provided services in various capacities including billing support, and as an ISP to almost all the major mobile operators within the country. Through these, K-NET has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the sector that helped, for example, in building the rural telephony solution – another key differentiator from other operators. KNET also has the expertise, human resource and infrastructural capacity in data communication over satellite and terrestrial networks, supporting Wide Area Networks, Distribution networks for DTT/DTH, corporate internet service over satellite and terrestrial networks, mobile commerce supporting electronic mobile top up, etc.

KNET has a state of the art Teleport facility at McCarthy Hill and a fully functional Network Operating Centre (NOC) with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support service.

Some of K-NET’s key features are highlighted as follows:

100% Ghanaian owned.
Strategic partnership with global operators
State-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC)
Owner of key network infrastructure within the entire country, including two VSAT Hubs
Operates diverse networking platforms (from Fibre optic, VSAT, Broadband Wireless, to Mobile Computing)
Delivers world-class telecommunication services of International standard, comparable to any found anywhere in the world.
Operates internationally with footprints across sub-Saharan Africa.
Very strict adherence to SLAs.


K-NET has a staff capacity of about 150 personnel, about 80 of whom are technical staff with a few working in advisory capacity.

The company’s general direction is steered by a Board, which is led by a Chairman who is also the founder of the company.  The day-to-day activity is managed and overseen by a CEO who reports directly to the Board.

Key Personnel

K-NET has a very strong technical team led by the Chairman/Founder.  The strength of K-NET lies in its technical team and the very experienced business leadership.

The company also has a strong network of experts and consultants in the Telecoms industry in Europe, US, Africa and India.