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K-NET offers a combination of satellite TV uplink, radio uplink, digital signage and Business IPTV services on its resilient platform to its cherished customers all over West and Central African sub-region. As with its many innovative solutions, K-NET brings to our clients, an ALL-IN-ONE package of TV plus RADIO on its satellite platform. This allows media houses an opportunity to broadcast to target audience or households within western and Central Africa. K-NET currently hosts the following TV and Radio channels on its platform with a variety of entertaining and education spice. multitv Which has: JOY TV, CINE AFRIK, HITZ TV, 4KIDS, THE JESUS CHANNEL, JOY NEWS, ADOM TV, JOY SPORTS, EMMANUEL TV, and PEACE TV?

With K-NET, you can optimize the placement of your promotions and target your customer communications to help enhance awareness of your business and the brands you carry. For cost-effective delivery of targeted customer messaging, the best, most comprehensive solution is K-NET Digital Signage. We have everything you need to turn the ‘point of purchase’ into the ‘point of impact’ for better performance—in sales and marketing and across your enterprise.

Boost your business with K-NET Digital Signage:

    • Generate sales uplift
    • Strengthen brand recognition
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Market directly to diverse customers by time and region
    • Create a unique shopping experience.

Now all employees can be “on the same page” regardless of their branch location—improving employee morale and customer satisfaction and ensures all stakeholder understand the company’s vision. With K-net, your business can take advantage of all the benefits of a managed, private video network without overburdening your IT resources.

Companies with a private video network have a strategic advantage over their competition. They know that an IPTV network lets their executives, senior managers and departmental experts speak directly to employees, at any office location, simultaneously.
With K-net Business IPTV service, you can easily distribute top-quality training modules and other corporate video communications to all your business locations without breaking the corporate budget to do it.