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K-NET's Co-location Hosting provides secure, controlled space and network access for your servers, which facilitates faster, more cost-effective interconnection. K-NET's Co-location Hosting provides you: Switched and dedicated access to transport facilities via cost-effective, High-capacity metropolitan and long-haul K-NET world-class network facilities Great performance and reliability, while reducing your total operating costs. K-NET provides and installs cabinets and cages. Cages come complete with locking door and ladder racking above. Cabinets come with fans and locking doors. Installation is charged per cabinet or cage space. K-NET's co-location facilities are fitted with customized design, expedient implementation, AC or DC power, back-up power supplies, temperature and humidity controls, and fire suppression systems K-NET has a large nationwide footprint with locations in prime metropolitan areas 24x7 Technical Services available on a time-used basis to support your equipment 24x7 on-site physical security, including motion detectors, security cameras, individually locking cabinets and cages and card-key access in select locations 24x7 monitoring of network services 24-hour access (with security escort where necessary)
Are you an organization that is constantly working online, communicate frequently with your partners or branch offices? Then adopting K-NET IP Trunking is a logical step to take



There are many benefits to adopting K-NET's IP Trunking to use for your company's or institution's multiple phone lines.K-NET IP Trunking solution combines your Internet (data) network and your phone network as unified system.That could potentially save your company hundreds of dollars a month on maintenance fees because the phone and Internet system are now the same system.It could also save you money on employment costs (so long as your existing IT expert knows how to use an IP Trunking system).Cheaper communications is one of the best things K-NET IP Trunking has going for you. One of the main reasons VoIP has taken off is because of its flat-fee pricing structure.Because VoIP and IP Trunking convert data to voices, you're not technically using the phone lines to make long distance calls -- you're just transmitting data.Another bonus is that because it's a system based on remote data transfer anyway, you can even have users at multiple locations use the same trunk. You don't have to pay for multiple IP Trunking servers as long as you use K-NET IP Trunking service.K-NET IP Trunking simplifies complexity. With a central PSTN breakout, there are no separate PSTN lines at each site; just a single network to manage.You can manage your IP and TDM estate centrally, including your dial plan. Additionally, K-NET IP Trunk also integrates seamlessly with your existing VPNs. K-NET IP Trunking moves you towards true convergence, combining voice onto existing data links.It encourages 'on-net' short dial calls and supports the features you find most useful, such as call hold, transfer and forwarding, and conferencing.