Micro Banking:

The Micro banking platform enables organizations to launch banking services to ‘Un-banked’ individuals and communities typically excluded from traditional banking facilities. These services allow un-banked customers perform banking transactions over their mobile phone and other compatible devices. The services can be provided both in-market and cross-border, and include cash loading, cash withdrawal, peer-to-peer payments, bill payments, domestic and international money transfer services.

This service allows bill payment intermediaries to offer bill payment services to utilities and other organizations (e.g. to pay your electricity or water or postpaid bill of your credit card, phone, mobile, insurance premiums of health, general, life and other insurance products, government taxes, school fees, donations, or subscription payments for your magazines).

E-Top up and E-Distribution

Another feature of the electronic commerce platform is an Electronic Airtime Top up system that enables one to transfer airtime of various MNO’s to a destination’s mobile phone from a single device; a compatible mobile phone or a computer connected to the internet.

It is a convenient and robust solution which meets the prepaid airtime needs of individuals, corporate organizations, retail outlets, hotels, hostels both locally and internationally. It leaves vendors with the assurance that the logistics and attendant problems associated with use of scratch cards are under control, as well as ensuring that continuity of product supply in varied denominations is readily available. Contact us now for further details on how to become a subscriber.

This platform also allows integration into the platform of any institution. For example, it service can be integrated into the ATM network or services financial institutions. Clients can always make Top ups using their ATM card.

E-life solution allows institutions such as yours to purchase prepaid services electronically for your diverse needs in a hassle-free environment. The service delivers the following advantages:

  • EASE OF RECHARGE: Increased availability & convenience of airtime top-up options
  • Instantly Talk time realization.
  • FREEDOM OF RECHARGE OPTIONS: your employees receive their (prepaid) communication allowance, determined by management via direct top up from e-Life to their mobile phones. This can be adjusted anytime without any difficulties.
  • Increased cash flows for airtime resellers.
  • REPORTING FUNCTIONS: e-life offers up to the minute reporting of all transactions for monitoring and auditing purposes. Centralized control of information
  • No ‘Out of Stock’ problems
  • Reduced logistics: Eliminates theft and shipping charges
  • ALL IN 1 SERVICE: MTN, Airtel, Tigo, Vodafone, Expresso and GLO.

Mobile Banking

This is another thrilling feature of our platform. This service works with just a simple mobile banking application that works with any phone; android, windows, blackberry etc or through an SMS platform. It enables any financial intermediaries account holders to do the following:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Check Last 5 Transactions
  • Internal Funds Transfer (if account holder has multiple accounts in the same bank)
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque
  • Stock Quotes & Forex rates (subject to support from bank for fee deduction if any
  • and API availability from service provider of stock quotes)
  • Payments to merchants
  • P2P transfers (to other account holder in same bank)
  • Bill payments
  • Reminders for loan payment by Union
  • Cash out at ATMs
  • Mobile Top-up
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