Microwave Radio

K-NET uses powerful microwave radio signals to support the vast amount of data that needs to be transmitted over its network using point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio transmission. With over 20 POPs across Ghana, K-NET’s microwave radio transmission offers a high capacity and low-latency backbone network. The backbone network is connected to international internet POPs using multiple submarine fibre optic cables via which K-NET connects West Africa to the global network.

K-NET POINT-TO-POINT NETWORK – This is used to connect customer sites that need high-capacity, high-speed access to the KNET backbone. These radios can support up to 300Mbps capacity per site.  KNET offers Point to Point Wireless access from our main Data Centre, as well as from strategically located Point of Presences (PoPs) in major cities and towns within Ghana.

K-NET POINT-TO-MULTIPOINT NETWORK KNET  also owns and operates Broadband Wireless networks, which are traditional point-to-multipoint wireless systems engineered based on  ITU-T and IEEE standards.

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