Want wider coverage for your wireless services?

If you’re operating in areas where terrestrial capacity is unavailable, unreliable, too costly or simply not suitable for expansion, K-NET has the solution. Now, you can bypass terrestrial network limitations and expand your wireless network with K-NET’s Cellular Backhaul service. Flexible, scalable and highly reliable, our solution allows you to expand your coverage and reach more customers.

Whatever cellular-based service your customers use today — from domestic and international voice communications, to prepaid accounts, voicemail access, roaming, wireless data, e-mail and Internet access — K-NET’s Cellular Backhaul offering supports it, regardless of the protocol used on your network.

With Cellular Backhaul, we can help extend your network to offer better service, support new applications and reach out to new customers with a tailored wireless solution.
Locations that require connectivity at remote base stations
High bandwidth links in dispersed metropolitan areas
Network spurs
Traffic from international carriers to your regional switching center.

K-NET has also developed mobile telephony infrastructure for rural areas, which it has is currently deployed at over 20 sites in Ghana.

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