K-NET utilizes two-way satellite technology to link your business to the Internet. A certified K-Net installation team will connect your server to the satellite modem and link it to the satellite dish (antenna) that’s typically mounted on the roof of your commercial establishment. The satellite dish sends and receives information (for example, email, point-of-sale, Web pages, files) over the Internet and delivers it to your computer almost instantly!
We offer ‘single-hop’ satellite network service to our customers in the remote parts of the country and the West African sub-region. It caters for a mix of terrestrial and VSAT connections, which reduces costs, latency and increases capacity on the international links. This also gives K-NET direct control of its network as it does not depend on international hub operators.

VSAT Services

If you have in-house expertise on how to manage and set up a VSAT network, this is the service for you. You can take advantage of K-NET’s global coverage to deploy private data networks that can connect businesses and governments worldwide. The VSAT network can support inter-office connectivity, back-office operations, point-of-sale transactions, virtual private networks, LAN/WAN inter-networking, and voice-over-IP (VoIP). Based on your network requirement, we can help you identify best-of-breed equipment suppliers and negotiate volume purchase discounts, thereby making launching VSAT-based services through K-NET more affordable then you might have thought possible.

  • Ability to target small-dish audiences and meet specialized service requirements
  • High powered, fully steerable Ku-band spot beams
  • Support for applications including POS, VoIP, VPN, SCADA, LAN/WAN networking, Internet/intranet, video conferencing, remote site networking
  • Large in-orbit capacity makes VSAT platforms cost-effective
  • Star, multi-star, mesh wideband and remote solutions
  • Solutions using all the most widely used VSAT equipment
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