• DTH Service Platform

    First Fully Capable Ghanaian Provider

  • Rural Telephony Solutions

    Infrastructure Projects

  • K-NET Teleport

    McCarthy Hill Accra

  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

    Nationwide platform with 42 Transmission sites


Backhaul Carrier Services

K-NET’s Backhaul Carrier services include Digital Broadcast services over satellite, V-SAT Backhaul & Country-wide Terrestrial Backhaul over fibre and SDH Microwave Radio

Access Network Services

K-NET delivers one of the fastest and most secure Internet Access Services in the country. We also offer Broadband VSAT, WAN services and Last Mile links.

Turnkey Solutions

Projects that are undertaken by K-NET to provide an enabling environment for under-served communities.
Rural TelephonyDigital BroadcastingEducational NetworksData Centre Backhauls.

Mobile Commerce

K-NET Offers a complete suite of electronic commerce services including Micro-Banking, E-top-up & distribution, and Mobile Banking services

World-Class Network Solutions

K-NET is the leading provider of business-grade network solutions throughout West and Central Africa. K-NET’s business solutions offer unrivalled levels of reliability, performance, customer service and value, wherever your business may be located. K-NET’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre – in the heart of the region – delivers world-class products and services to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations.

Additional Services!

We Have Served Many including:


  • Office Of the President
  • Ministry Of Information
  • Ministry Of Education
  • Ministry Of Energy
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Banking & Finance

  • Access Bank
  • United Bank Of Africa
  • Enterprise Insurance (EIC)
  • Enterprise Life Assurance Company (ELAC)
  • GT Bank
  • FBN Bank
  • HFC Bank
  • Midlands Savings

TV Stations

  • GTV
  • GBC
  • TV3
  • DW-TV
  • Multi-TV
  • ZTV
  • Royal TV

Other Sectors

  • Ghana National Petroleum Commission
  • Ghana Minerals Commission
  • Melcom
  • VAKEY Foundation
  • BOST
  • National Lotteries
  • Blueskies

K-NET Partners

Unrivaled proficiency in Data, Voice and Video services.

Providing Business-grade communication solutions across West & Central Africa.

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